Connecting with Bankruptcy Filers



discussion board



allows people who have filed bankruptcy or are thinking about filing bankruptcy to discuss their experiences. By sharing experiences, BKforum members provide support and information to each other. The forum contains a lot of useful information although some of it is less than accurate. Therefore, anyone contemplating bankruptcy should seek advice from a competent bankruptcy attorney.

The support provided by forum members can especially be useful to people who are concerned about the effect of a bankruptcy on their credit, employment, etc. I have a lot of clients who are worried about improving their credit or obtaining or maintaining a job after filing bankruptcy. It is possible to rebuild credit scores and it’s against the law for an employer to discriminate against someone for filing bankruptcy. However, even after I explain this to some clients, they are still worried. Communicating with people who have completed the bankruptcy process can ease the fear and make the decision to file bankruptcy bearable.

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