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Credit Card Alternatives

When some of my bankruptcy clients learn that they have to disclose all of their creditors on their petition, they become concerned about the one or two credit cards they want to keep. I usually recommend that they get rid

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Bankruptcy Myths

Here is an informative video about common bankruptcy myths:    

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Scamming Lawyers

There are so many variations of the same scam. Someone sends someone a check to deposit into a bank account and a portion of the funds is sent to the scam artist. Several weeks ago, I was surprised to receive

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Qualifying for a Chapter 7

Most of my clients want to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. After all, the complete debt relief that a Chapter 7 can provide seems more desirable than the payment plan that a Chapter 13 provides. However, the new bankruptcy law

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To Surrender or Not?

The decreased home values in the Detroit metropolitan area have prompted many people to seek a way to walk away from their homes and mortgages. However, the decreased home value shouldn’t be the only reason to surrender a home. I

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